Shamanic Practice


Juanita combines her shamanic training with her personal experience of communicating with the Spirit Realms and Nature beings. To share her unique teaching approach that suits the constraints of our modern world. Juanita teaches a grounded, embodied approach to really help people feel a deeper level of connection with themselves and with the ‘other worlds’ for healing, transformation and guidance.

Shamanism is a term to describe the ancient tribal practices of communities around the world. They had a way of life more in tune with the cosmos, earth, the seasons, the animals and everything in nature including communication with other realities.  Particular people became healers, seers, medicine people for the tribe and they would use their abilities to expand their awareness and through trance states ‘journey’ to different dimensions of reality to commune with spirit beings. They would bring guidance back to help serve their people and community. Information on how to bring healing, plant recipes, protection or answers to questions. This way of living is still alive today with certain communities around the world and some of the ancient teachings are being shared with people who are searching for a more harmonious way of living.

Shamanic journeying is the art of traveling into the non-physical world to connect with the other dimensions to gain levels of wisdom. It reawakens our spiritual connections and our life force as it offers a way to reconnect with parts of ourselves that have been disconnected and fragmented. We can call on resources to support us such as power animals and meet spiritual teachers who will give us guidance or healing for ourselves or for others.

The concept of Soul Loss is one that we can all understand in relation to the meaning of feeling discounted, being fragmented after experiencing upsetting or traumatic events. Parts of our ‘energy’ or soul can either leave our physical body or become hidden away and suppressed within. Even though we continue to live after experiencing trauma, our energy splits which limits our ability to have a flourishing and abundant life. To heal this loss, a Soul retrieval needs to be done, during which the shamanic practitioner travels to the source of the issue, brings back the energy part and re-integrates this with the client today.

Ceremony and rituals are a part of the shamanic way of life. Daily spiritual practice helps to re-enforce connectivity to creation including honouring the spirits of nature, it also promotes harmony, mutual respect and balance. Everything in nature has energy and is considered a ‘being’ in a form that has consciousness, awareness and wisdom. Humans can develop a level of connection to be able to communicate with everything in nature. The crystals, stones, trees, water, fire, air, flowers, animals and the earth itself can all be a teacher to gain wisdom from.

For me Shamanism ideally is about being in harmonious connection with our selves the wider community including nature, the Earth and the Cosmos. That when we are out of balance and carry the residues of upset, trauma, anger and we treat ourselves or others and our environment badly. This shows a level of disconnection and fragmented energy that is going to affect the flow of our life unless we heal the wounds we carry.

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