Juanita has over 30 years’ professional experience in the field of Transpersonal therapy working with individuals and groups. Juanita was inspired to investigate, research, train and gather ways of working with the influences that negatively influence people, as she wanted to understand why people did the things they did. With her ‘tool kit’ of approaches such as regression techniques, shamanic practices, nature ceremonies, ancestral clearing as well as conventional psychotherapeutic skills, she uses a holistic approach to support people to explore the issues they are dealing with.

“We are more than just our minds, more than our emotions, more than our behaviours, we are a spark of the divine living in a physical body manifested on the Earth, which is in a galaxy of moving stars. Each of us is trying to live to our full potential and needing support to clear away the obstacles and residues that influence our lives negatively.” This is our Soul’s journey  

Juanita works with any of life’s issues – from relationship difficulties, family patterns, ill health and pain, trauma, PTSD, betrayal, guilt, anger to spiritual issues of finding purpose, karmic connections, ancestral influences and developing sensitive abilities

Individual sessions:-  can be physical 1 to 1 or online, they vary in time length depending on issues and methods used – from 30 mins discussion to 2hrs

Site visits:-  Juanita also provides site visits for personal or group work for rituals, ceremonies, and house/nature/land communication work. These can take one day or several days depending on the location and work requested.

Groups :- Juanita can also provide in person facilitation or online group work.

To give some examples of the differing methods Juanita uses-

Deep Memory Process:- is a regression approach and helps bring to the surface memories from the current life or from Soul wounds of the past of unfinished past lives, the stories of stuck ancestors and the negative energies from people’s projections. This is an embodied method and can involve the client moving and cathartic release.

Inner Child work:- This approach helps build a stronger inner sense of the different ‘child parts’ of the self. Soul loss happens when a person experiences some upset or trauma and they push down their emotions and cut off from these parts. In life they can become numb or dissociated so that their life does not flow and they feel on the outside of everything. Juanita supports them to identify the child parts and helps develop ‘true’ communication between the adult in the room and the inner child.

Shamanic practices:- In this approach drums, rattles, plants, singing may be used. Rituals and particular ceremonies may need to be completed so guidance will be given if these are done with or without Juanita. Juanita may guide you on a Journeying where you will work with power animals and spiritual teachers to gain guidance and healing. Usually, the powers of all the cosmic directions are connected with the work with thanks and gratitude to help set the sacred space for the sessions.

Creative Integration therapy:- Juanita created this method to work with clients who were not able to work with their imagination. This process externalises the client’s inner world using objects such as cushions, chairs as representatives. By observing and linking with certain aspects the client can connect and transform stuck issues.

Initially:- If you or your organisation would like to contact Juanita about your requirements, please contact her on either Tel – +44 (0)7455269891 or email info@energygateways.com

Juanita will arrange to have a brief discussion to clarify what kind of services the organisation or individual is seeking.