A – Ancestors are people who lived in the past. They are someone who is either blood related or a person who was part of the family household e.g., servant, nanny, etc.

A – Sometimes an Ancestor will die carrying the thoughts, emotions related to something they feel unfinished with, unresolved or unhappy about concerning their life. For example, a mother may have died in childbirth and passes with huge sorrow, loss, and yearning to stay on the earth plane. Their spirit can stay around the family, or the child left behind. They may also move from person to person through the generations down to the present client today. The client experiences the residue of the ancestor as a deep inward emptiness and sadness. They may also experience anxiety when they leave their children for any reason.

A – Every adult carries within them all the different ages of themselves including all associated memories from conception, birth, childhood, teenage etc. to the present day. To work with our ‘inner child’ means that the client will be guided to explore which child part is connected to the issues that the client wishes to resolve and heal today.

A – The concept of Soul Loss is one that we can all understand in relation to the meaning of feeling discounted, dissociated, and being fragmented after experiencing upsetting or traumatic events. Shamanic practitioners understand that parts of our ‘energy’ or soul can leave our physical body for varied reasons. Though we continue to live, this splitting limits our ability to live fully in the present or have a flourishing and abundant life.

A – Soul retrieval is when Juanita will either guide the client on a shamanic journey or she will ‘journey’ on the client’s behalf to the source of the issue and bring back the stuck or lost energy part to be integrated with the client.

A – This type of practice involves the ancient art of drumming or using a rattle while guiding the client on a visualization journey to find guidance and healing.

A – There are several different types of spirit attachments. The human spirit or energy of a person who was alive and now is dead and their spirit has become connected in some way with a living person e.g. the client. 

Ancestors can also be called a spirit attachment.

Non-human energy such as a water being or tree spirit that has become connected to a living person.

Thought forms from other people which is a type of energy can become attached or absorbed by people.