Ancestors & Past life influences

An ancestor is someone who lived before us and has died. They can be either blood line related or was part of the family in some form such as a nanny, foot man or worker who lived/worked on the family. Any of our ancestors energy can be influencing our lives today without us consciously knowing, this can be positively or negatively. Some ancestors die full of regrets, feeling unfinished about something in their life, they may be unresolved with people or unhappy about something and they do not feel ready to leave the earth plane. When this happens some of their energy or spirit can stay around the place they die, or their energy can hang around family members and filter through the generations down to the client today.

Past life residues are the energetic memories which are full of the emotions and thoughts from a persons previous lives. There is something that is ‘Unfinished’ for that part of the persons soul and the memories are influencing the persons life today. There can be unresolved issues related to lack of happiness, feelings of being betrayed, anger at everyone for letting them down, a sense of grief and loss …..anything that the past life character is still carrying after death which was never resolved.

It is a good idea to initially explore with a client if how they are feeling could be connected to any event from their present life, childhood etc. Then we can look further afield, explore if the life pattern is connected to an ancestor or a past life residue.

Looking back at past stories either ancestral or past lives can bring huge relief and transformation to the person today. There can be stories of unfinished grieving about loved ones lost through illness, disease or through famine. Residues of trauma can be connected to being killed in war fare, result of invasion or witnessing horrendous massacres. Other stories of death by suffocation, drowning, smoke inhalation, being attacked by an animal, natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. These kind of energetic unresolved residues, can manifest in a persons life today causing a whole range of problems.

For example –

Insecurity today can be the past residue being abandoned  

Feeling your being punished today can be the past residues of carrying guilt

Difficulties in relationships today can be the past residues of abusive, toxic power dynamics

Physical issues today can be the past residues of battle deaths, torture.