Energy blessings and giving thanks

We live in nature, our houses, our towns our cities are built on the earth, and everything we use comes from the earth. During this period of great change that the world is going through it is even more important to take care and love our environment. Part of this is to establish a circle of love, honour and gratitude towards ourselves and everything in nature.

Become like a child and see the wonder of nature through child’s eyes. Go outside barefoot and really connect with the earth where you live. To understand that you are living on a planet that is alive, say thank you to the earth for being here, for supporting your physical body.

When you go into nature, or the cities, you’re walking around you are breathing in, hopefully, clean air. When you’re in nature. Give thanks to the air to the wind, because without the air, we cannot breathe. We cannot live. So, it’s really important that through your life, maybe on a day to day basis, is to really think about your life in relationship to nature, to the Earth that we live on. So, even if you don’t have green spaces, try to walk around where you live and be aware of the earth, the ground the stone the paving slabs that are beneath your feet. That is the earth, supporting you to live your homes, your houses your offices. They all come from the earth. So, give blessings give thanks and gratitude to where you live, where you work, the premises and the earth, that they stand on.

Now you can do this in many ways, you can simply by using your words be thankful, but for me it’s always more than that it’s about connecting with your physical body, from your belly. In the Chinese approach to life, it’s your Hara, the centre of your energy to connect and feel your environment. Feel nature around you to feel the energy in your home, in your workplace, and give thanks to thanks to the earth, for supporting you, for housing you and nourishing you because it’s from the earth, that we have food. Give thanks, over your meals that you eat at lunchtime dinner and breakfast, because they are all coming from the earth. And the water, the liquid that you drink. Without water, we will die. So how about thinking, giving thanks to the water, the energy, the beauty of water for giving you life.

You can see how on a day to day basis you can fit in every opportunity small ways to say thank you, give gratitude give blessings for what you are given without even realising. The earth nature around you, your home, where you work, everything. It’s really good idea to start feeling with your belly, connecting with your environment, the energy around you. And then from connecting and saying thank you, given blessings and gratitude. You can then become more aware of the beings, if you go into nature and you go for a walk, go up to a tree. I am not saying become a tree hugger but, you know, go up to a tree, be respectful, give thanks for that tree, because worldwide, our trees help purify the end, they release and take in carbon monoxide, and release oxygen. So, it’s a good idea to give thanks to the trees, the plants, go into your gardens go into nature and give thanks for the insects, bees, and everything around you, because they’re all helping to keep the earth and nature in balance. And without that, without the bees without the insects that pollinate our trees, our crops. We wouldn’t be able to live. So, we are in connection with nature. It’s just a question of whether we’re able to give thanks for that. And the beings and the spirit beings that live in the trees or live in the plants in nature, in your gardens. Why not imagine with childlike eyes, just as I was sharing with you, when I was a child. Become as a child when you walk in nature or walk in a park around you. As if you could look at nature, as if you could look at the plants and the trees and know that there was a spirit being there. That is part of the energetic world that underpins our earthly world. So, you can see how giving thanks and gratitude to all those beings around us will give more thanks and blessings and love in your life, because what we give out, we receive, and we have more awareness, we can give thanks and gratitude to those beings to the energies around us, it’s the earth that sustains us and gives us life. So, anyway, something to think about in thanking what you eat. thank you what you drink. Thank you, where you live, where you work and also where you walk. So, blessings.

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