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Free your mind, listen to your body, release your emotions and heal your spirit
Energy Gateways
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“many have been on Juanita’s workshops before and simply adore her – and with reason, for she has a way of hitting the nail on the head” ....….………………
“Learning how to transform negative emotional energy from past childhood experiences can be an incredibly liberating experience”.

Jini Reddy UK Journalist

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Juanita Puddifoot - International lecturer, professional counsellor and teacher

Whether you are a professional therapist who wishes to enhance your professional practice with clients or if you are someone who is new to this amazing field of transpersonal self transformation.

Transform your life with the support from Juanita, !

Join a course or workshop to enhance, expand your skills and abilities

 Book a 1 to 1 consultation to explore an issue that is effecting your life

Attend professional training or add to your professional skills and knowledge

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Free your Mind – clear thought patterns, identify what are yours and which belong to others, stop the critical, judgemental internal voice, release your embedded fears, limitations and self-sabotage patterns.

Listen to your Body – heal the residues of upset, trauma, dissociation, post traumatic syndrome disorder PTSD and the fragmented self, give your body a voice to express the supressed emotions you carry, explore the body’s messages related to illness and pain.

Heal your Spirit - help your energy systems to let go of attachments to others that do not serve your highest good, bring balance, harmony and abundance to your life, listen to your true inner guidance, identify and clear the influences on your present life from others around you today, transform the residues you carry from karma, past lives and your ancestors.

Connect with the Spiritual Realms – learn to journey to the other realms of consciousness for guidance and healing. Expand your knowledge and awareness of how the spirit and other worlds realms interact, heal the inner void and disconnection, create sacred space, communicate with the universal directions – south, west, north and east via shamanic traditions.

Transform your home/space – connect with the sacred in your daily life and environment, learn ceremony and rituals to bring harmony, connect with the Earth and nature teachers to guide you (elements, plants, flowers, minerals, earth), learn to communicate with the guardians of place.

Self development and Professional practice:- train to become a professional therapist, expand your awareness of psychotherapy, understand the dynamics of relationships, experience in practical exercises the realm of sublte energies/fields – auras, chakras etc, learn how energies from others can influence you,  understand how to protect yourself from being drained working with clients, enhance your skills and therapeutic knowledge of working with clients.
“We are the mirror as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste this minute
Of eternity we are pain
And what cures pain, both. We are
The sweet cold water and the jar that pours.”
   Rumi  - The Essential Rumi
Artist Rene Puddifoot©

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Exploring the Energy Fields of Intention

“Learning to 'read' the energy fields felt so right.  It is the language that works for me “                                             Susie Lane

“I found Juanita's sessions very helpful and uplifting because she provided a safe and supportive space to explore issues with like minded people. The guided chakra visualisations were particularly helpful in gaining personal insights into long standing problems and I have continued to use this method to check into myself for guidance.                                 

                              Lesley - Northants

Drama Wounded Soul & Energy Fields of Intention

“Wow what can I say another          

              fantastic weekend..........                                          Susan Parker

2011 Turkey: 4th World Congress for Regression Therapy

2011 Brazil: Deep Memory Process Conference, ‘Honouring and Remembering our Ancestors’

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Over the years Juanita has found that there are certain core influences which, when explored and worked with can bring about huge transformational changes. These can be unresolved childhood experiences and family dynamics, unfinished ancestral business, residues and binding contracts ……

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