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Juanita provides transpersonal transformational work,
1 to 1 consultations, courses for self-development and to enhance therapists skills
or professional training programmes to become a practitioner
Giving lectures and tailor made trainings for groups and organisations internationally.

Training & Services to Transform Your Life

Regression therapy (DMP)

Shamanic Work

Ancestor & Spirit

Angels & Guides

Home, Office & land

Dissociation /PTSD

Energy Work

Ceremony & Ritual

Inner Child Therapy

Sacred Space

Future Events

  • Flight of the Feather 10 & 11 Feb 2018 UK

    Shamanic feather healing and journeying: Flight of the Feather With Juanita Puddifoot & Anne Woodcock Clophill centre, Shefford road, Clophill Beds MK45 4BT 10 & 11 February 2018 On this workshop we will be honouring the bird kingdom. From ancient times birds have been associated with being powerful messengers, guides and allies who have ma...
  • Heal Your Soul Wounds from Past Lives Feb 17 & 18 2018 Warwickshire UK

    An experiential weekend to delve within your inner self, identify the roots of your Soul Wounds and work on transforming them using Deep Memory Process DMP techniques. With Juanita Puddifoot professional transpersonal counsellor Feb 16 Friday from 4 pm until Sunday 18 finish 5pm Venue Purley Chase Centre, Purley Chase Lane, Mancetter, Atherstone, C...
  • Release Past Influences 24 & 25 March

    Ancestral, Spirit attachments, family patterns and other energies  With Juanita Puddifoot 24 & 25 March Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill Bedfordshire MK45 8BT Some of the issues we carry in life are amplified and made worse by energetic residues that do not belong to us but in fact belong to:- our ancestors,  spirit attachments or...
  • Deep Memory Process Module 2 Training April 13 to 18 2018 UK

    Module 2 of Deep Memory Process training in the United Kingdom. Training is open to any one wishing to: become a DMP graduate, alternatively professionals wishing to add to their skills and knowledge or individuals who wish to attend for personal growth and self development. MODULE 2 WORKING WITH SPIRIT AND DEATH TRANSITION IN THE AFTERLIFE (BARDOS...
  • Expanding your sensing abilities workshop May 5 & 6 UK

    Expanding your sensing abilities workshop – understanding Energy fields, the importance of sacred space & protection May 5 & 6  at Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire UK   We will be establishing your ‘base line’  then we will be using various exercises to expand and enhance your abilities to ‘sense’ energies. Are you affected or feel drain...

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Welcome to energygateways

  • Over the years Juanita has found that there are certain core influences which, when explored and worked with can bring about huge transformational changes. These can be unresolved childhood experiences and family dynamics, unfinished ancestral business, residues and binding contracts from past lives, spirit
  • Juanita works with individuals, groups and organizations by exploring and working with the ‘energetic worlds’ utilizing methods such as Deep Memory Process, (DMP, a form of regression therapy) and a range of shamanic practices inspired by the esoteric practices of Western and Eastern spiritual traditions.




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