This videos topic - Thought forms, energy from others. Question to ask - do these feelings, thoughts belong to me or do they belong to others.

This videos topic - What is YOUR VALUE ? - how do you value your self ? How do others value you ?

This videos topic - Nature shows how we split energetically, alive but not fully living our true purpose.

Juanita provides transpersonal transformational work,
1 to 1 consultations, provides professional training programmes,
courses to enhance therapists skills and workshops for self-development
Juanita is also invited be part of conferences to give lectures and provide tailor made trainings for groups and organisations internationally.

Training & Services to Transform Your Life

Regression therapy (DMP)

Shamanic Work

Ancestor & Spirit

Angels & Guides

Home, Office & land

Dissociation /PTSD

Energy Work

Ceremony & Ritual

Inner Child Therapy

Sacred Space

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  • Over the years Juanita has found that there are certain core influences which, when explored and worked with can bring about huge transformational changes. These can be unresolved childhood experiences and family dynamics, unfinished ancestral business, residues and binding contracts from past lives, spirit
  • Juanita works with individuals, groups and organizations by exploring and working with the ‘energetic worlds’ utilizing methods such as Deep Memory Process, (DMP, a form of regression therapy) and a range of shamanic practices inspired by the esoteric practices of Western and Eastern spiritual traditions.



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