The great aspect of self development is everyone explores and gains something different. So here are a few experiences

  • "I have experienced Juanita as a caring, skilled and professional therapist, who has guided me through a number of sessions/deep journeys. Her knowledge and experience in DMP and energy work, combined with her loving and caring personality, has made these journeys safe and profound. The DMP sessions with Juanita have transformed aspects of my life and immensely enhanced my emotional and spiritual well being for which I am very grateful"
    Biggi Hofmann Northern Ireland Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist

From article in Natural Health magazine

  • “many have been on Juanita’s workshops before and simply adore her – and with reason, for she has a way of hitting the nail on the head” “Learning how to transform negative emotional energy from past childhood experiences can be an incredibly liberating experience”.
    Jini Reddy UK Journalist
  • "I have a lot of respect for shamanic soul retrieval. For me however, this method has a little more icing. In traditional soul retrieval the shaman locates the spirit part & returns it (blowing the spirit part back in to the person) where as in this version the client experiences the retrieval them self. They are empowered to reclaim their missing soul part and in doing so a new level of understanding as to "why" the part may have left in the first place can be acquired. This also allows the client to understand what could make the part leave again and with this comes the knowledge to avoid repeating the separation. In short it empowers the client more than when someone does all the work for them. Sure a Shaman can discuss how they interpret the soul part left but there is no substitute for the client experiencing (for them self), what the parts story is and what it needs to return. In short - It's like a shamanic soul retrieval with gold dust sprinkled on top."
    Rich Lee Milton Keynes
  • Thank you for an insightful day. I am delighted to to have learned a new 'stand alone technique' that I know will be useful for myself as well as clients I see for astrological counselling. I particularly like the fact that it is essentially a self healing technique - nothing is going to be revealed that the individual is not genuinely ready to deal with. A useful in built safeguard. Many thanks for an informative day!
    Jacqueline Griffiths
  • “participating in this wonderful workshop helped me visit a pivotal moment in my childhood, and through words and movement unearth and explore the energetic impulse of that situation, bringing a whole new understanding and energy to light”
    Paul, Healing Therapist, London
  • "The workshops made me aware of the incredible energy power of our emotions and of our thoughts. I am grateful to Juanita for having made me understand their power and how we impact in our world and our universe. I am being more attentive to these and their impact in my surroundings. Many thanks for enlightening my path, Juanita."
    Simone E. G., Brussels, Belgium
  • “Well I just wanted to say how much Sunday meant... truly inspiring and as I've reflected, just this sense of how connected we all are to everything..how everything we think and do affects everything great and minute. And how incredibly important it is for like minded people to get together and blast the world with love and good energy. You worked so very hard in creating and enabling, I believe, all who attended, meaningful journeys, awakenings and closures.. bless you all with light , love and a deep sense of connectedness in your own journeys... hope to meet again all of you, please keep me posted will you of similar workshops. love to all .
    Theresa Cabot Jones
  • “I found Juanita's sessions very helpful and uplifting because she provided a safe and supportive space to explore issues with like minded people. The guided chakra visualisations were particularly helpful in gaining personal insights into long standing problems and I have continued to use this method to check into myself for guidance.
    Lesley - Northants
  • “Learning to 'read' the energy fields felt so right. It is the language that works for me…… I felt safe with you leading and knew that whatever happened you would 'handle' it. I also knew I would not be judged in a negative way………”
  • “I felt the energy change, even though I didn't consciously think or do anything to make that happen. It seemed to happen of its own accord. Like I didn't have to do any work at all. That is what was magic. So the people we all shared with were key to the weekend as well. We can't know who will turn up, but all I can say is that each one of those people felt right in their own space and time for me. Each of the experiences I shared of other's journey's helped me with my own.”
  • “The session regarding 'following our dream' so to speak, breaking with negative past patterns of 'I cant do this' was great “
  • “I think overall I came away having shed a lot of fear, a feeling of I can sit with this, it won't destroy me. A lot to do with other's experiences and what they have been through. It is so good to share, knowing we are not alone. The concept of the wounded healer seems paramount. …….You shared very openly and easily your own experiences, that made me feel safe with myself, because I could tell you felt safe with yourself.”
    S Lane Wales