Inner Child Therapy

In our lives we can experience events or situations that causes us to energetically ‘split’ or fragment, although we seem to move forward with our lives actually there is a part of us that is disconnected and out of alignment. We can split due to both negative and positive experiences.

During upsetting, shocking and traumatic events parts of ourselves can be triggered to separate as the drive within is to get away from the circumstances.  We then try to forget the experience as it can feel overwhelming almost as if we are not going to be able to survive it.  We can leave the body or parts become hidden internally. We then bury any feelings, thoughts and memories from the upsetting event deep within so that we can forget everything associated with it. We may then try to keep ourselves stimulated and entertained by shopping, watching tv, socializing or using distractions such as over eating, excessive sporting activities, drugs or alcohol to numb ourselves from remembering.

We can also spilt due to experiencing joyful and happy events because if our internal drive is strong, and we do not wish the event to come to an end,a part of us will spilt to stay with the enjoyable event such as:-desire to stay on holiday, going with a loved one when they leave, staying with friends you had a great time with.

When we stay fragmented this effects are life-force energy and restricts us from being able to live our life fully.

Juanita has created a unique and practical approach to working with these fragments after experiencing her own child parts splitting off, hiding and leaving her physical body. She then explored ways to locate them, understand the reasons that caused them to leave, enable them to be healed and then re- integrated.With Juanita’s support the split life force can be located and freed to enable us to move forward in life ‘whole’.

So come and explore your issues with Juanita and begin the journey of re-integration and wholeness.

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