Home, Office & land

The home where we live, the building where we work and the connection of the land where these stand all have an impact on our lives whether we are consciously aware of this or not. The influences on our life, relationships, health, finances and general well being can be both positively and negatively influenced depending on what is present or connected with these places.

If you feel your place or land needs some help, then contact Juanita at Energy Gateways. Juanita will work with clients to identify and transform negative influences to bring a more loving, harmonious and positive quality of vibration into alignment for the space.

Residues that can influence people negatively:

  • Old energy and history with previous tenants
  • New building constructions locally that have upset the Nature spirits/beings
  • Historical residues from battles, hospitals for sickness and plagues or asylums for the insane.
  • Difficult family dynamics create free floating thought forms
  • the build up of static negative energy spots
  • Lack of honouring and respect for the spirit guardians of place and building
  • Paranormal activity due to ancestors, spirits or nature beings
  • The vibrational influence of energies from neighbours
  • effects of Electrical Magnetic fields EMFs
  • negative energy lines in the earth where the building stands

Juanita is able to tune in and communicate with the energy beings that are connected with your house. Office or land. She will also be able to perform ceremonies to enable peace, love and harmony to return. If required you may like her to bless the house to enhance the vibrational state. She can also give guidance to how you can connect more fully with the space and honour the relationship.

On site visits can take from one day to several days depending on the clients issue and the location of the space or land.

Contact Juanita to discuss your requirements in more detail.