Energy Work

Quantum physics confirms what the ancient scriptures have taught us, that the world we see is made up of a mixture of varying vibrations all interwoven to create our reality, that nothing is solid and everything is vibrating particles at different frequencies.

Juanita provides a safe, caring and supportive environment to help people understand and work with their energy.

  • Do you feel drained working with difficult or negative people
  • Are you affected by working with people who are sick?
  • Are you sensitive to atmospheres and energies?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in certain buildings or places ?
  • Do you sense to much and find it difficult to find your own focus ?

You may work in an office with people who affect you negatively; or some family member may drain you every time they are around; you may work with clients who are a challenge to work with and exhaust you.

Juanita teaches groups and individuals how to explore their energy and identify how, whom and why they are being effected by others.

Book a one to one session or join a course or training and explore some of the following:-

  • Learn to scan your energy fields
  • Explore ways to cleanse our energetic auric fields,
  • Call in helpful guides, resources
  • Understand the differing viberations
  • Locate and remove unwanted energies
  • Help any ancestral or spirit attachments to be resolved and leave
  • Identify where these come from childhood, family, colleagues, relationships etc
  • Understand the emotional quality such as worry, anger, sadness, depression etc.
  • Learn about how to protect yourself

Discovering how and why are we are influenced by others and to transform this.

And  more ……………

One of Juanita’s earliest experiences of subtle energy vibrations was when she was a child happily playing with her toys in one room and suddenly becoming aware of something burning her body from behind. Looking in that direction there were waves of flames coming across the floor from the wall behind her.

When investigating where these were coming from she discovered that two adults were having a very heated argument in the other room and emanating out of the space around them were these waves of flames.  These waves were subtle energy and yet they still had a physical affect, from this experience and many more over the years Juanita has been fascinated in exploring the subtle energy field. Especially how people create energy and how these energies can influence our lives and wellbeing.

It has been a life time journey to experiment and enable others to understand how to work with these vibrations. Including how we affect others and how to work with the various vibrations for healing, harmony and happiness.

    Various areas you may wish to work with in sessions or join a course to explore

    • cleanse your energetic auric fields, locate and remove unwanted energies
    • Understand why your energy field is weak and what will help it become stronger
    • Feeling drained by others e.g family, friends and when working with clients.
    • Are you effect by working with people who are sick
    • Are you sensitive to atmospheres of people, places and buildings
    • Dealing with our own emotions, anger, sadness, frustration, depression etc
    • Connect with the universal flow of abundance
    • Explore various ways of protection
    • Are you too sensitive and need ways to cope and work with this

    Taylor made courses, training and invitations – Juanita welcomes invitations to be part of your event, to provide lectures, trainings and workshops in your location or country. Including discussion’s to provide bespoke courses specifically for your group or organisation’s requirements.

    Other courses and training available

    • Subtle Energy Centres – Chakras
    • Psychic Defence and Protection
    • Understanding how we influence each other
    • Connect with the Universal Flow of Abundance, identify the blocks and transform your life
    • Drama of the Wounded Soul
    • Learn various healing methods to bring balance
    • Energy Gateways Professional Practitioner Training year 1 & 2