Dissociation /PTSD

During Juanita’s childhood she experienced dissociation due to various reasons. The sensations were of being outside of her body and being able to look back to see what was happening to her physical body. Or being able to be somewhere else in a dream world and not be aware of the experiences her body was having. She used to become dissociated for both positive experiences such as wishing to stay with friends after having an enjoyable time, wanting to stay on holiday and for the negative experiences of abuse she received at school. She also used to leave her body at night and became awake in other realities and then have difficulty in navigating her way back to her body which was a sleep in her bed.

So Juanita understands from personal experience many different types of dissociation and the varying reasons why people leave or are out of alignment with their bodies. In society we are more aware of the negative reasons why someone suffers dissociation and disconnects from this reality this is a normal reaction to situations where they can not escape the trauma. They may experience a sense of floating into a fog, feel sleepy, be in a dream like state, or to being above themselves, being numb, or being in a dark place like a void. The awareness of the actual physical events become disconnected and the memory of this event becomes fragmented and split into parts so that nothing is remembered in full. This is a normal part of the psyche and physiology to enable us to cope and survive situations that are shocking, traumatic and overwhelming. For example physical, sexual or emotional abuse, experiencing war, kidnapping or anything invasive even medical procedures. The main issue is that when the traumatic events are no longer happening and the person has not been able to process the experience their body functions may still be out of alignment and they still experience dissociation. Including other conditions such as e.g. depression, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, sensitive reaction to noise, flash backs, seeing and hearing voices, etc

    So you may be suffering from any of the following

    • Sense of not belonging and watching life from the outside
    • Feeling numb and on automatic pilot
    • Over react to sounds and noise
    • Experience of war PTSD and unable to sleep
    • Flash backs, visions of dead people, hearing screaming or voices
    • Life feels pointless and lack of meaning
    • Life has never been the same since the event
    • Unable to rest and relax

    You may be dissociated due to wishing to have a different life

    • Stimulating holidays and not wishing to return
    • Prefer to work to get away
    • Wanting to stay with friends
    • Unable to continue life after a particular relationship

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