Angels & Guides

    Since Juanita’s childhood she has been visited by spiritual light beings, angels and spiritual teachers. Combining her professional counselling skills and many other trainings Juanita brings a powerful and unique way of teaching and working with individuals and groups. She helps others develop their abilities; expand their knowledge of working and communicating with the differing levels of helpers in the spiritual realm. Including how individuals can bring a stronger link for healing conditions and give guidance in major transitional stages of life.

    These ‘spiritual light beings’ have wonderful qualities to share with us on the earth plane. We all need at different times in our lives ways to help us feel positive, heal our inner turmoil,give us the sense of being able to do something for ourselves, change a deep seated fear, heal memories of upsetting and traumatic events; to help us feel centred, be fully in our body instead of being fragmented or dissociated. By connecting with these beings we can gain guidance, insights, resolution, healing and transformation of the issues we carry.

    Clients bring a whole range of issues and expectations such as

    • to find inner peace and calm
    • a stronger connection for guidance
    • to have daily practice to focus on healing a condition or repeating issue
    • to feel loved and supported in the next phase of life
    • learn how to work with clients and use methods in their professional practice
    • to feel safe, empowered and protected
    • to feel positive and to change negative thoughts and feelings
    • learn about the various levels and what help is possible
    • to learn how to feel, hear and see the spiritual teachers
    • guidance for decisions and direction in life

    Having worked as a counsellor for many years Juanita understands the importance of helping clients have practical techniques to help them go on inner journeys for insights, be able to de-stress, feel engaged in their own transformation, healing process, having a sense of illumination and centeredness. Including having a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

    Taylor made courses, training and invitations – Juanita welcomes invitations to be part of your event, to provide lectures, trainings and workshops in your location or country.  Including discussion’s to provide bespoke courses specifically for your group or organisation’s requirements