Ancestor & Spirit

Juanita works with clients using various therapeutic methods to help identify the ancestral influences or spirit attachments so that these spirits stories and unfinished issues can be heard then released. These residues can then be worked with, transformed and clients can then help their ancestors or spirit attachements to finally be at peace and let go of negatively affecting them including other family members. Juanita helps the client to connect with these influences and works with the client to bring release.

When we die and leave the earthly realm our spirit (soul, energy) leaves the physical body and exists in the vibrational states of light called the spirit realm. We have generally lost the many ancient ways of helping the dead harmoniously leave this earthly plane and so many spirits become stuck either in the earth plane staying with family or in a vibrational state repeating their unfinished issues from their life.

The term ancestor is also applied to people who may not be blood related but were part of the family household such as nannies, servants, slaves, step parents and step siblings and adopted individuals.

There are also the following terms for different kinds of spirit being :-

Earth bound spirits, spirit attachments, Nature beings/Spirits,

plantspirts, gnomes, salamanders, fairies, trolls, earth dwellers, brownies

The troubled spirits – darker spirits, demons, dammed souls

and the enlightened beings/spirits/teachers/guides.

One of the mostinformative and insightful philosophies concerning the transition of the spirit that has been shared in the 21st century, has come from the Tibetan Buddhist book of the dead. This outlines the numerous vibrational states that the spirit has to travel through to eventually become enlightened and free from the earthly concerns. From these teachings we can see that not everyone will have a clear and easy movement through these states after life. If we die still attached to unfinished business from our lives such as if we are still carrying any thoughts, emotions or physical residues that attach us to the earthly plane this can pull apart of our energy to stay around the earth plane. The spirit then stays within the energy fields of their family, with a friend or hangs around a place/home they loved. The spirit may either be aware they are dead and be trying to unsuccessfully communicate with the living or the spirit becomes stuck in a vibrational state not aware of the living and are repeating patterns from their own life e.g. walking around their former home, going to work, walking around the garden. Some keep repeating particular emotions such as their upset, trauma, sense of loss, feelings of abandonment, anger at being betrayed etc.

    The influences can manifest in a persons life today as

    Life issue                                            residues of ancestors and spirits
    Financial issues                             -  ancestor who died in poverty
    Relationship difficulties              -  spirit attachment who lost a loved one at sea
    Eating issues                                  -   ancestors died in a famine and keep re-experiencing this
    Obstacles in life                                ancestor was cursed for causing the death of someone
    Fear of public speaking                - Spirit attachment humiliated in public
    Difficulty finding clients            -   Ancestor burnt as a witch and betrayed someone close
    Never feel accepted                    -   Ancestor stoned to death by community
    Self-esteem issues                           Spirit attachment who was a slave and was beaten to death
    Experienced War                              Spirits of the dead are with the person and need to be heard

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