Energy Gateways

Over the years Juanita has found that there are certain core influences which, when explored and worked with can bring about huge transformational changes. These can be unresolved childhood experiences and family dynamics, unfinished ancestral business, residues and binding contracts from past lives, spirit attachments or negative environmental energies.

Juanita works with individuals, groups and organizations by exploring and working with the ‘energetic worlds’ utilizing methods such asDeep Memory Process, (DMP, a form of regression therapy) and a range of shamanic practices inspired by the esoteric practices of Western and Eastern spiritual traditions.

An important stage on Juanita’s journey was working with the late author and grail seeker Dr Roger Woolger PhD (creator of Deep Memory Process, past life regression therapy) in Britain, France, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. She is now a Chief Trainer of DMP and is a member of the Woogler Training International professional council that oversees his work and continues his legacy worldwide. She collaborated with Dr Woolger for a number of years in the radical technique of collective spirit release called Ancestral Field Work. Together they led tours to major sacred sites in ancient Egypt, including guiding groups in sacred ceremonies.

Juanita has trained numerous people over the years to be sensitive to their subtle energy bodies and connect with other realities in a practical and grounded way. Using her therapeutic skills she supports people to explore their own inner journeys of healing, helping them connect with their own innate knowledge and power. The comments and feedback she has received over the years confirms her ability as a highly skilled teacher.

International Transpersonal teacher and speaker

  • Estonia: Femininity, Masculinity and Sexuality conference
  • Norway: Deep Memory Process & Ancestor work
  • UK: TAP Taunton Association for Psychotherapy
  • N & S Ireland: Shamanic work and Deep Memory Process
  • Greece: Understanding Energy & Deep Memory Process
  • India: Clover Leaf learning Academy Conference
  • UK: British Dowsing Conference UK
  • Germany: Earth Regression annual conference
  • Romania: Ancestor and Spirit release
  • Portugal: Psychodrama Conference

  • Ireland: British Psychodrama Association (BPA) Conference “ Being in Action”
  • London UK: College of Psychic Studies ‘Spirit Awareness & Psychic Protection’
  • Turkey: 4th World Congress for Regression Therapy
  • Brazil: Deep Memory Process Conference, ‘Honouring and Remembering our Ancestors’
  • Egypt: Sacred Sites & Deep Memory Process
  • France: 4th International Deep Memory Association Conference ‘Eros & Psyche: Recovering the Inner Marriage’
  • Spain: Life Change Convention exploring the Law of Attraction

“As individuals we come into this life to experience and potentially resolve “soul wounds” that we may have carried for many lifetimes, such as old ancestral wounds or culturally inherited belief patterns. We also add to our wounds by suppressing our feelings, projecting our negativity onto our environment or absorbing the negative feelings of others”

Watch and Listen

Videos and audio of Juanita speaking on various topics:- Deep Memory Process, Shamanic practice, Energy work, Guilt and punishment ... and more