Juanita will discuss with you what you are seeking to explore in the session. Which life issue, the details and what your expectations are for the session including the result you are hoping for.

The space will be blessed and the directions called in to witness, support and give guidance for the session. Depending on the location you will be blessed with smudge smoke to begin the process ( if you have asthma or any allergies please share this information when booking the appointment)

After your assessment and background history Juanita will discuss with you the issue you would like to explore.  Then she will use a combination of drum, song or rattle and then guide you on a shamanic journey with particular intentions, then depending on guidance received she then may go on a journey for you.

Juanita will provide at the end of the session time for discussion and questions you may have, including giving after care information and any follow up rituals or offerings that you need to undertake.