Sacred Space

Making life and space sacred enables us to take time to step out of ordinary reality and connect more fully with the heart of Divine within ourselves and the Universe. Dedicating a place to make it ‘holy’ with the use of focus, prayer, offerings and ceremony will change the vibration in the space.This sends out a signal via the energy matrix to the heart of the divine consciousness indicating a desire to make contact.

Juanita combines her many years of training, her experience of working with the subtle energies and her ability to communicate with the ‘other worlds’ to help people create sacred space. Using focused intention and rituals including the collaboration of spirits helpers of various tools such as plants, incense, herbs, tobacco, holy water, fire, salt, alcohol and flowers.

The sacred space can be in our home, outside in nature, the garden, you can use the same place every day or different places. The veil between this reality and other worlds becomes thinner and gives us a chance to communicate with the powers of the universe for healing and guidance.

    Juanita will help you to

    • create your own sacred space
    • clear any negative residues
    • explore how to communicate with the guardians of place
    • learn how to listen to the space
    • receive guidance and understand the meanings
    • honouring and offerings
    • physically feel the subtle energies
    • clarify focused intention

    Taylor made courses, training and invitations – Juanita welcomes invitations to be part of your event, to provide lectures, trainings and workshops in your location or country. Including discussion’s to provide bespoke courses specifically for your group or organisation’s requirements.