Ceremony & Ritual

The use of ceremony and ritual has always been part of human life, from our ancient ancestors who painted the caves with images of animals, the use of red ochre as a sacred colour to anoint themselves, the blue used by the Celtics, other colours used by tribal communities worldwide, to the use of incense, the eating and sharing of wine and bread to embody holy energies. Today we still have ceremonies and rituals within spiritual worship and practice.

With Juanita’s many years of experience and training, she will provide rituals and give guidance on how you can perform particular ceremonies for issues in life to ask for guidance, help bring change, letting go, bring resolution, protection, healing and transformation. There are times when we need to leave the normal reality and connect with the Divine and practice daily intention to give offerings, honour and respect ourselves as sparks of the divine and to see this in others and connect with the Cosmic Divinities.Part of the ritual may require the connection and guidance of the winds and powers of Nature, the elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Wood, Stone, Plants and Metal.

    Ceremony and ritual can be used to help focus intention

    • make your life one of honouring
    • learn how to physically ‘feel’ and really connect
    • Explore differing ways to seek guidance from the Universe
    • You may wish to release a repeating pattern in life and begin a new phase
    • Through intentional ritual you will connect with purpose and meaning in life
    • You may like to ‘mark’ a particular stage of life and honour this transition
    • You may be experiencing any of life’s difficulties such as – low self-esteem, lack of direction, stuck in being influenced by negative vibrations from others, sense of not belonging

    Consult Juanita and explore how she can help you in your life today.

    Taylor made courses, training and invitations –Juanita welcomes invitations to be part of your event, to provide lectures, trainings and workshops in your location or country. Including discussion’s to provide bespoke courses specifically for your group or organisation’s requirements.